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Resume distribution services have their share of detractors - and with good reason. Too many companies offering to "blast" or "rocket" or otherwise Resume Distribution Services - Reputation Mattersdistribute your resume to en masse to a terrific number of recruiters have been guilty of some lame business practices. Chief among them? Sending resumes out unsolicited. In other words, your resume is being received like junk mail by the recruiters on their list. And we all know what happens to junk mail. If those are your electronic resumes getting pitched, you're simply throwing away your money.

The good news: there are a few resume distribution services that are ethical, employ good business practices, and do right by their clients. These are the companies to which we've given our highest ratings. A brief look...

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Important Note: Resume Rabbit is technically a resume posting service; they automatically post your resume to 85 different job banks and job posting sites. The others, including top-rated Resume Arrow, electronically distribute your resume to the inboxes of recruiters and in some cases, employers.

Why Resume Distribution Services?

Career counselors will tell you that the lion's share of job opportunities never hit the radar. They're handled quietly and out of sight by third-party recruiters who find qualified candidates and place them in those jobs. If you have 3+ years of work experience and want to be in the running, you need your resume in the hands of recruiters. Even if you're a recent graduate, recruiters may be interested--especially if you have a technology major or post-graduate degree (i.e. an MBA).

Resume Distribution Services -
What We Looked For

To rank these resume distribution services, we looked at a number of things. Chief among them...

Length of time in business (the longer the better).
Method of building their list of recruiters (we want to see "invitation only").
Ease of use.
Attentive customer service.
Reasonable pricing.
What the Better Business Bureau had to say about them.

We'll explore some of these items in more depth, in articles posted along the upper left-hand menu. In the meantime, some of you may be asking...

Are Resume Distribution Services
the Be-All and End-All?

Short answer, no. We continue to advocate that the most effective job search techniques involve networking and other targeted strategies. But if you select a resume posting service or resume distribution service with care, it can improve your odds of success a little bit more.

Don't employ one of these services and then sit back expecting it to do all the heavy lifting in a job search. Nothing can take the place of your own efforts to identify--and apply to--relevant job opportunities. Think of resume distribution as one more tool to use in constructing a successful job search campaign.


David Alan Carter is a former recruiter and the founder of Resume One of Cincinnati. For more than ten years, he personally crafted thousands of resumes for satisfied clients from all occupational walks of life. For those whose resume is not quite ready for distribution, David has written in-depth reviews of the Web's most popular Resume Writing Services at the website .

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